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How do I know if my windows need repair or replacement?

If your windows do not open or close properly, are more than 15 years old, the locking system is worn out and/or does not conceal the outside noise, then you need replacement of your old windows. If your windows are single glazed then you should also upgrade them to double glazed windows which are significantly more energy-efficient and could help you save a lot on your heating bills.

Do you have a show room?

Our offices have all our products installed for people to see.

What is double-glazing and how is it energy-efficient?

Double glazed windows have two glass panes with air entrapped in between them which acts as insulation from outside temperature and noise. Our double-glazed windows are A+ rated providing maximum energy saving which can be experienced by decrease in energy bills.

What is the cost of double glazing?

The cost of double-glazed windows depends on the size, style, accessories, glass detailing and the fitting cost. Every project is different so it is hard to mention an upfront cost, however our representatives can visit and measure your windows and can provide you with a free, no obligation quote based on the design, material, and dimensions.

Do you offer finance payment plans?

We work with a range of providers to offer finance/loan options to cover the cost of your installations and replacements.

Do coloured uPVC cost more than white uPVC?

Though coloured uPVC can cost a little more than the white one. However, uPVC is a cheaper material than its alternative timber or aluminium. So, opting a coloured uPVC is actually cheaper than timber or aluminium windows.

How uPVC windows are better than the wooden windows?

Wooden windows can easily rot or decay and requires constant care and treatments. While uPVC windows are durable, low maintenance as well as are cheaper.

What kind of warranty do you offer?

From windows, doors, and conservatories, all our products come with a 10-year manufacturer warranty.

Are you FENSA or CERTASS registered?

Yes, CERTASS registered guaranteeing that all our installations are done by a certified installer, complying all building regulations.

Do you make your own products?

No, we only offer the installation services. However, all our products are thoroughly tested to meet industry standards.

What areas do you cover?

We provide services in Rossendale and the areas of North West England.

Do you provide free, no obligation quotations?

Yes, we provide all our potential customers free quotations with no obligation to continue.

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